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Facts By The Numbers: Home Care in New York State


Home Care in New York State: Facts By The Numbers

The Chinese-American Planning Council Home Attendant Program Inc. (CPCHAP) has been licensed to serve the most vulnerable communities for 24 years. We care deeply about our 4,500 home care workers and our 3,000 home care patients, 49 of which are 24-hour cases (with 104 workers, or 2.5% of our workforce, on these cases). We recognize that 24-hour shifts are unsustainable and unfair to the staff who take on those cases, which is why change at the State-level is needed. The State continues to maintain the 13-hour rule – even while CPCHAP and others have advocated for many years to overturn this outdated practice in favor of 12-hour split shifts. $1.1 billion in Medicaid funding needs to be set aside to appropriately fund 24-hour home care and split shifts each fiscal year, which would be better for both workers and patients – and another $6 billion is needed for back pay for home care workers with 24-hour shifts.

More facts about home care and the changes that can help relieve these challenges can be found in the infographic below. Download a PDF of the infographic here.

Read more on CPC's efforts to reform home care here. 

CPC Home Care Infographic By the Numbers in New York State