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CPC Statement on the Federal Public Charge Rule Injunction



CPC Statement on the Federal Public Charge Rule Injunction

Date: 10/11/19

Press Contacts: Carlyn Cowen, Chief Policy and Public Affairs Officer (ccowen@cpc-nyc.org | 919-637-6866)


New York, NY -- The Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) applauds today’s news that a preliminary injunction was granted on the public charge rule. The injunction represents a significant victory in our fight to block the cruel public charge proposal. Federal judges in New York, California, and Washington ruled that changes to public charge cannot go into effect on October 15th, 2019, citing that it was unconstitutional and violated administrative procedure.

"As the nation’s largest social services nonprofit for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, CPC has been actively fighting the public charge rule alongside our allies for the past two years because this rule would have been devastating for children and families across generations. We are grateful for the federal courts for issuing a preliminary injunction and naming the inhumanity of this proposal. CPC believes that immigrants do not have to choose between staying in this country and getting access to food, housing, and healthcare. We will continue to ensure our community members have the resources and information they need to thrive in New York City," said Wayne Ho, President & CEO of the Chinese-American Planning Council.

CPC wants to ensure that everyone who may have been impacted understands that any green card applications submitted after October 15th will NOT be subject to the public charge test unless the injunction is reversed. People can continue to safely maintain their benefits and continue to enroll in benefits, and it will NOT impact their green card application. CPC is committed to remaining a trusted resource for information and support and will keep our community members informed.





紐約州紐約市 – 華人策劃協會(“華策會”)對於公共負擔新規的初步禁令表示歡迎。該禁令是我們在阻止此殘酷新規定的重大勝利。紐 ,加州和華盛頓州的聯邦法官裁定此公共負擔新規不能在20191015日生效,理由是這違反了憲法和行政程序。


華策會的總裁及首席執行官何永康說到:“作為全美最大的亞裔美國人和太平洋島國人的社區服務機構,華策會在過去兩年中一直在與我 們的盟友一起積極反對公共負擔新規定,因為該新規將對幾代人的兒童和家庭造成毀滅性的影響。我們感謝聯邦法院發佈了初步禁令並指

出了該新規的不人道性。華策會相信移民不應該在留在美國與獲得食物,住房和醫療保健之間做出選擇,我們將繼續確保社區享有他們在 紐約發展所需的資源和資訊。”


 華策會希望確保可能受到影響的每個人了解,除非禁令被撤銷,否則1015日之後提交的任何綠卡申請都不會受到公共負擔測試的約束。人們可以繼續安全地維護自己的福利並繼續申請福利,這不會影響他們的綠卡申請。華策會致力於繼續成為社區可以信賴和得到支持的機 構,並使我們的社區保持知情權。