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Learning and Building Confidence at DYCD Chess Masters Tournament

Learning and Building Confidence at DYCD Chess Masters Tournament

On Saturday, January 28, 2017, Stacey Kourbanov (4th grade) and Shahrom Sayfullobekov (5th grade) represented CPC's Homecrest COMPASS @ PS153 at the 3rd Annual DYCD Chess Masters Tournament. Shahrom and Stacey joined over three hundred students from DYCD programs for the tournament. The day started off with Chess in the Schools staff sharing various strategies participants can use in their chess games. Once set up was ready, students from elementary to high school gather into the gymnasium to play. All students were able to play 4 rounds; after each round, a swiss system paired players with like scores for the next round. Stacey won 3 out of the 4 rounds. Shahrom won 3 rounds and called a draw for 1 round.

Whether they won, lost, or called a draw, they came out each round determined and ready to put their best in the next round. After each round, Stacey and Shahrom went to a chess board to continue playing and sharing what happened in the round they just played so they can learn from each other's and their opponents' moves. We call this teamwork! Stacey was faced with first moves that she's never seen played before by her opponents in previous tournaments and was able to experience adjusting her plays to unexpected moves. For Shahrom, this was the first time he was in a Chess tournament and through this tournament, he felt more confident about himself and he also shares that he enjoys playing chess more and hopes to play more with his father at home. During the entire time, we shared the students' nervousness as they walk into the playing area but also their excitement as they walked out with their results. Their parents were happy that they were able to take their child out on the weekend to do something they enjoy. 

During the award ceremony, Stacey received a medal for scoring 3 points and Shahrom received a trophy for 8th place in the elementary open with a score of 3.5 points. 


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