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David Chen Retires After 35 Years of Service to CPC


CPC Lunar New Year Gala 2015 - Jenny Low David Chen
CPC Board of Directors Chair Jenny Low (left) with CPC CEO David Chen (right)

A Letter from CPC Board of Directors Chair, Jenny Low: 

Dear CPC staff, supporters and friends, 

This week, David Chen announced to the Board that he will be retiring in May 2015, after 35 years of service to the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC).

David joined CPC’s Project Reach in 1980 and became the Assistant Executive Director for Youth Programs by 1986, two years later he was promoted to Deputy Director of CPC and in 1992 was appointed to Executive Director/CEO of CPC.  Under his leadership for the past 22 years, CPC has grown to become the largest Asian American social service provider on the East Coast. 

Under David’s leadership, CPC has expanded its services to include 50 programs in 30 locations, meeting the needs of 8,000 plus residents throughout New York City each day. Below are highlights of CPC’s achievements. 

  • Creation of 12 after-school and in-school programs for underserved youth and teens, including: Youth Employment and Internship Programs (Ladders for Leaders, SYEP), Beacon after school community centers, and Project Gateway college options program
  • Increasing the number pre-school and after-school childcare centers to 14
  • Transformation of CPC’s workforce development division to enable individuals to successfully find careers in a variety of industries including hospitality, building construction, retail, and luxury retail
  • Building the state of the art Open Door Senior Center at 168 Grand Street, one of three CPC senior centers
  • Expansion of CPC’s multi-social service walk-in centers to Queens and Brooklyn
  • Driving the growth of CPC’s Home Attendants Program that serves over 2,400 clients

Trained as a social worker, David is among the top practitioners in the Asian American community.  His breadth and depth of the social service needs in our community is well recognized by those across the social service arena.  

Quoted in a retrospective piece written about CPC, David shared that “the paradigm for social service organizations is shifting once again. Dedication and sincerity is no longer enough- what is also demanded is professionalism. In order to serve the community, we ourselves must grow, as an organization, and as individuals.”

As a testament to his belief in making CPC stronger, he led our Board through a proactive and thoughtful 9-month strategic planning process around CPC’s future.  Thanks to this work, CPC is well positioned for its next phase of leadership. The Board is currently taking steps towards its succession plan, and will conduct a national search for David’s successor. We look forward to sharing updates with you on that process.

CPC is planning a celebration for David’s retirement.  Invitation will be sent as soon as the details are available.

Please contact Mabel Long at mlong@cpc-nyc.org or Edgar Pereira at epereira@cpc-nyc.org who will forward all informational requests to the Board.


Jenny Low
Board Chair






  • 為待助的青年和少年創建了十二項課後和在校服務,包括:青年就業和實習項目(Ladders for Leaders,暑期青年工作計劃),社區課後輔導中心,龍門大學選擇服務項目

  • 學前幼兒園和課後托兒中心增加到十四所

  • 將華策會的職業培訓部門進化到讓每個求職人士都能夠成功地在各行各業,包括酒店,建築,零售和高級零售中找到職業。

  • 在格蘭街168號建立了最完善的人瑞中心,是華策會三個老人中心之一

  • 將華策會的多元化社會服務中心擴展到皇后區和布魯克林區

  • 令華策會為超過二千四百個服務對象提供家庭服務計劃


引用在一篇關於華策劃會的回顧中,陳受權先生分享了:“社會服務機構的模式再次轉營。單有奉獻和誠意已經不夠 - 更需要的是專業性。為了更好地服務社會,作為一個組織,乃至個人,我們自己必須成長。”



欲知詳情,請與龍筱梅 (Mabel Long) (mlong@cpc-nyc.org) 或 Edgar Pereira (epereira@cpc-nyc.org) 聯絡。





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