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CPC FAIR Unveils New York AAPI Special Needs Survey Results



Date: April 18, 2024

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CPC FAIR Unveils New York AAPI Special Needs Survey Results

New York, NY The Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) and Families Advocating for Individuals’ Rights (FAIR) today announced the findings of the New York Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Special Needs Survey. This comprehensive survey, conducted from August 25 to November 6, 2023, encompassed 227 respondents. Widely distributed, the survey results shed light on the challenges faced by individuals living with developmental disabilities and their caregivers. Among these were obstacles to accessing services such as homecare, transportation support, public assistance, and benefits.


FAIR, a parent-led initiative that advocates for AAPI individuals living with developmental disabilities, spearheaded the survey with support from CPC and Dr. Xinwei Zhang of Teachers College at Columbia University.


“We believe in the right to own our rights. With a single step we begin a thousand miles of our advocacy journey; we go beyond disabilities to embrace our uniqueness,” said FAIR member, Coco Lin.


Notable barriers identified included a lack of information, with 62.8% of individuals with developmental disabilities who did not already receive needed services not knowing where to find relevant information; the complexity of application processes, cited by 60.5% who found the application procedures overly time-consuming; extensive wait times, with 32.6% facing prolonged waits for services and sometimes inadequate follow-up from providers; and language barriers, affecting nearly 90% of caregivers and 60% of individuals with developmental disabilities who reported limited English proficiency.


“April is Autism Awareness month. This year the theme suggested by the United Nations is ‘Moving from Surviving to Thriving’. Among the New York AAPI special needs families we work with, many are still only surviving. CPC Special Needs and FAIR will continue to empower the AAPI special needs community to not just survive, but to thrive,” said Jacqueline Fan, Program Director of CPC Queens Special Needs Program.


Building on these survey results, FAIR is preparing to ramp up its advocacy efforts by connecting with new and existing partners in the developmental disabilities community and engaging with government officials and agencies. Future plans include further analysis of the data collected, publication of the results for wider dissemination, and expanding survey access to a broader AAPI community.


“We are pleased that Asian American parents and caregivers have found their voice and are demonstrating advocacy skills that were supported by a 2-year CDD grant that is continuing to be sustained by advocates and other important partners,” said Kristin Proud, Executive Director of the NYS Council on Developmental Disabilities (CDD). “It is vital that we continue to address the complex barriers that impact Asian American New Yorkers with developmental disabilities from accessing the information and services they need and deserve in order to thrive. The CDD has partnered with the Department of State’s Office for New Americans and invested in a five-year initiative assisting new Americans with developmental disabilities and their families to connect with vital resources, information, and services.”


“The challenges faced by families with children who have special needs are vast and complex,” said Councilmember Sandra Ung. “From language barriers to cultural stigmas, navigating the landscape of available services can be daunting. Yet, the importance of providing culturally competent care and support cannot be overstated. It not only enhances the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, but also serves as a vital lifeline for caregivers, ensuring their mental well-being and resilience. This survey provides insight into the difficulties encountered by this community, and it sheds light on their unique needs and challenges, providing invaluable guidance for community stakeholders like ourselves to better serve and represent them. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to FAIR and CPC for their unwavering dedication and commitment to this cause. Their efforts have not only amplified the voices of these families, but have also paved the way for meaningful change and progress.”


“The New York Community Trust is proud to support the Chinese-American Planning Council’s important work helping families advocate for their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. FAIR’s survey will make disability services more accessible to people with limited English proficiency throughout the state and is a great example of the power of parent advocates,” said Rachel Pardoe, Senior Program Officer for People with Disabilities at The New York Community Trust.


For more information on CPC, please visit: https://www.cpc-nyc.org/


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