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NYC Streamlines Contracting Process for Health & Human Services


CPC commends NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and his administration for the positive results of the Nonprofit Resiliency Committee. In 2016, the Mayor started the Nonprofit Resiliency Committee, a collaborative between the City and the nonprofit human service sector working to streamline contracting processes. On August 16, 2019, the Mayor's Office announced 90% of all fiscal year human service contracts submitted for registration across the City's health and human services sector were submitted to the Comptroller's Office on time thanks for the work of the Nonprofit Resiliency Committee. This is an important achievement because it will allow nonprofits to be eligible for an advance on their contract funds to help ease the financial burden of starting a program at the beginning of the contract term. Other achievements include the launch of the Health and Human Services Cost Policies and Procedures Manual, and the increased use of the Health and Human Services Accelerator. The City has also made investments in the nonprofit sector through supporting the minimum wage increase and increases for indirect rates. 

“We thank the Nonprofit Resiliency Committee for its work to promote equity and access for small community based organizations, including the timely contract registrations that have maximized cash advances for this fiscal year,” said Wayne Ho, President and CEO of the Chinese-American Planning Council. “While there is more to be done, we look forward to working with city agencies and nonprofit allies through a new workstream to ensure that marginalized New Yorkers - including immigrants, people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ -- have equitable access to critical services from organizations that have the expertise to serve them.”


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