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CPC Statement on the Federal Administration's Attack on Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, Intersex, and Non-Binary Communities


The Federal Administration, via the Department of Health and Human Services, is proposing to define gender as binary, either male or female, and determined by genitalia at birth or through genetic test, according to a leaked memo obtained by the New York Times.  The leaked memo proposes that government agencies adopt an explicit and uniform definition of gender as determined “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable."  This proposed legal definition of sex would be under Title IX, the federal civil rights law that currently bans gender discrimination in government funded education programs. 


The Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) condemns this inaccurate, dangerous, and discriminatory proposal by the Federal Administration.  It would cause devastating health and safety consequences for transgender, gender non-conforming, intersex, and non-binary individuals across New York and the US, enshrining systematic discrimination in federal policy and legitimizing the hateful rhetoric and violence these individuals already face.  It would disproportionately harm transgender, gender non-conforming, intersex, and non-binary Asian Americans & Pacific Islander (AAPI), immigrant, and low-income communities, who face additional burdens, barriers to access, and stigma. 

"This administration has consistently targeted AAPIs, immigrants, and low-income New Yorkers, and this discriminatory policy seeks to further marginalize the most marginalized members of our community, " said Wayne Ho, President & CEO of the Chinese-American Planning Council. "We call on our community to stand together against this hateful policy and fight for rights and protections to be expanded for all gender identities and expressions."  

The current Federal Administration has revoked key protections for transgender, gender non-conforming, intersex, and non-binary students and employees; has reversed policies at the Bureau of Prisons that considers gender identity in housing decisions; and has tried to prevent transgender individuals from serving in the military. These policies are rooted in partriarchy and misogyny, and the same bigotry that has led the Federal Administration to relentlessly target immigrants, people of color, women, and low-income communities. 

Take Action

Join us at City Hall today
Today at 11 am, community members, advocates, and elected officials will stand together to denounce this hateful policy and affirm solidarity with transgender, gender non-conforming, intersex, and non-binary New Yorkers.  Join us, and bring your CPC signs (or we will have some)!

Call on the New York State Senate to Pass GENDA
While New York City has been leading the way in passing protections for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals (although there is still work to be done on implementation), including the recent local law that includes X as an option for gender on birth certificates, New York State has a long way to go to catch up. The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), is a bill that would explicitly prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity.  While it passed in the NYS Assembly, it was defeated in the Senate Investigations & Government Operations Committee and did not make it to the full senate for a vote. Join us in demanding that New York State pass GENDA this session!

Elections are November 6th, and they will determine who will represent you on the State and National level on issues you care about.  Educate yourself on the candidates and where they stand on issues that matter to you. Make sure your voice is heard in the upcoming election, and encourage others to do the same.