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Beacon Program Participants Spend a Night at the Museum


This past weekend, selected participants from the Beacon program at I.S. 220 in Brooklyn got the opportunity to participate in the American Museum of Natural History’s Night at the Museum event. Participants explored the museum in the dark, went fossil hunting, learned about butterflies and watched 3D movies about the Amazon rainforest and the Big Bang at the Hayden Planetarium. A big thank you to NYC's Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) for inviting us to the event again this year!

Participants shared their experiences and favorite parts after the sleepover.

We really liked the placed we slept in with the big blue whale and the animals and we hope to have the opportunity to go again next year! – QinYun Chen and Ailing Zhang, Class JH2

I really like the Dark Universe, at first I thought it was going to be scary but it was not. – Siting Wang, Class JH2

The trip was amazing. My favorite part was the Dark Universe at the Hayden Planetarium. The seats were comfortable and I liked how the film was shown across the entire ceiling. – Ryan He JH3

The trip was fantastic. My favorite part was the Dark Universe. It was even better than the 3D movie! – Eric Lin JH2

I was very excited for the trip, where we set up our bed, there were animals surrounding us. When we went to the butterfly exhibit, there were a lot of butterflies flying around and we got to take pictures. We saw a lot of people drawing in the museum as well and the drawings were beautiful. The scavenger hunt was not what I expected but I still had a lot of fun anyways. – Angela Chen JH3

This is my second time going to the Night at the Museum and it was still just as fun as the first time. The Dark Universe was my favorite part. – Mandy Fang JH4

The trip to the Museum of Natural History is my favorite trip in CPC so far! I like every part of the trip and we got to sleep under the blue whale, watched, 3D movie, scavenger hunt, and many more. On the train ride back, Mr. Jerry and Ms. Crystal told us a lot of jokes and we laughed so hard. – Jia Yi Chen JH1

My favorite part of the Museum of Natural History is when I first saw the blue whale, I wonder how the workers built the whale. When I lie down on the cot and look up, the blue whale felt so real and that the whale was looking at me. I wish next year I can go back to the museum again. – Dan Li JH1

My favorite part of the museum is when we went to the butterfly exhibit. There were so many different kinds of butterflies and one of them landed on my friend. - Samantha Huang JH1

在过去的周末,选中的CPC Beacon学生们有机会参加美国自然历史博物馆的博物馆子夜. 学生在黑暗中探索博物馆,化石狩猎,了解蝴蝶,并观看关于亚马逊雨林和海登天文馆的宇宙大爆炸的3D电影。 非常感谢DYCD邀请我们今年再次参加这个活动!

Este fin de semana pasado, los estudiantes CPC Beacon seleccionados la oportunidad de participar en el Museo Americano de Historia Natural Museo de la medianoche. Los estudiantes exploran el museo oscuro, la búsqueda de fósiles, entender la mariposa, y ver películas en la selva tropical del Amazonas y el Planetario Hayden del Big Bang ¡Muc has gracias por DYCD por invitarnos a participar en este evento nuevamente este año!