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Amy Torres Joins Policy and Public Affairs Division


The Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc. (CPC) is excited to announce the appointment of Amy Torres as our Director of Policy and Advocacy. She is joining the Policy and Public Affairs Division, and will be instrumental in the work around CPC's organization-wide strategy, Advancing Our CommUNITY, which promotes the social and economic empowerment of our community members. This includes implementing CPC's policy agenda and building coalitions that empower our communities through engagement and education on immigrant rights, citizen rights, and voting rights. Please find her full bio below.

Amy Torres is the Director of Policy and Advocacy at the Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc. (CPC). Amy joined CPC in 2013, overseeing its Adult Literacy Program in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. She then served as Deputy Director for CPC's Education and Career Services while supporting the merge of CPC's workforce development and youth services. Amy is an active member of the New York City Coalition for Adult Literacy (NYCCAL) and was a student of United Neighborhood Houses’ partnership with the Advocacy Institute, and New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals’ Policy and Advocacy Academy. Whether in our classrooms, community centers, at City Hall, or in Albany, Amy has guided her work by making spaces for others to speak, listen, and learn. Prior to her time at CPC, Amy lived in Beijing, China developing curriculum and classroom branding materials for an early education company. She is a graduate of Rutgers University.