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Congratulations to CPC Brooklyn Community Services Winter Naturalization Class!


Today was the last day of CPC Brooklyn Community Services Winter Naturalization Class. Quarterly Naturalization classes are held in partnership with Office for New American (ONA) Opportunity Center at Brooklyn Community Center. Our winter cycle started on December 2nd,2019 and lasted 10 weeks, ending on February 5th, 2020. 


During each cycle, community members learn what to expect during the Naturalization interview. We review the English portion (reading, writing, and speaking) and the Civics portion. During this cycle, Ms. Meina Wu, Naturalization instructor, taught her students key phrases to help students memorize the Civics questions. For more advanced students, there were mock interview opportunities to familiarize themselves with the interview procedure. The students in the winter class cycle entered the class at different stages of the Naturalization process. However, every student came to class eager to learn and practice speaking English. 


We would also like to congratulate one of our students, Mr. Lin, on passing his Naturalization interview! We wish him the best! 


Our Spring Naturalization Class cycle begins on Monday, February 10th, 2020. Space is limited, please call for availability. 


In addition to quarterly Naturalization classes, we are happy to announce our new service: Naturalization Form Preparation. We are now equipped to assist community members fill out Naturalization applications. 



If you or someone you know is interested in attending a free Naturalization Class or file a Naturalization Application, please call CPC Brooklyn Community Services at (718) 492 - 0409 ext. 313 to learn more!


These services are made possible by NYS Office for New Americans Opportunity Center.