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CPC Chrystie Street Raises $1,400 in Rice Bowl Campaign


The kids at CPC Chrystie Street School Age Child Care Center ended 2019 by giving back. They participated in a Rice Bowls campaign to collect money to provide food for children living in 58 home orphanages in nine countries. Each participant was given a small plastic rice bowl. They asked their friends, families, and other adults to donate. The campaign culminated before Christmas with a fun activity, where they cracked open their bowls. Together, the kids and teachers collected more than $1,400. Based on Rice Bowl's "Mealify"-er, the amount will help provide 4,200 delicious meals in the orphanages.

The kids learned compassion and realized that they can play a small part in something big. One kindergartener donated $40 of his own money! When his mom asked him why, he replied, "I want to help give food to the other children who don't have food."

For more information, go to https://www.ricebowls.org