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What Tuition-free really means: Excelsior Scholarship Clarified


On June 14th, Project Gateway facilitated a presentation with members of the Brooklyn community regarding common misconceptions about the NYS Excelsior Scholarship. The workshop also touched upon specific questions and concerns regarding the Excelsior Scholarship program. Many community members did not understand the parameters of what tuition-free really meant, and assumed that it meant going to college was without cost, which was untrue. 

Attendees were informed about the eligibility requirements, the steps in applying for the scholarship, and obligations that follow after recipients have graduated from college. 

For parents who are interested in learning more about the NYS Excelsior Scholarship and/or the Project Gateway College Counseling Center, contact Mimi Ko at mko@cpc-nyc.org. 

For additional resources, explore: NYS Higher Education Services