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CPC's Service Learning Initiative Visits Boston College


In April, participants from CPC's Service Learning Initiative had the opportunity to visit Boston College. For many students, this was their first trip to Massachusetts and the Boston area. The youth wanted to explore a different type of school environment and culture, and the experience provided them with a refreshing perspective on college and campus life.

There was consensus among the participants regarding the beautiful campus and the “fresh air of suburban Massachusetts.” As most students were accustomed to an urban college environment, they were taken aback when they stepped off of the bus and onto the quiet and spacious campus full of gothic architecture. The group toured the college's libraries and resource centers, ate lunch at one of the dining halls, and learned about the different schools on campus, including the prestigious Carroll School of Management and Lynch School of Education.

The helpful tour guide described everything from student organizations and athletics, to the various supports and off-campus services offered by Boston College. Participants asked questions about his own experiences- both academic and personal – and he shared many insightful anecdotes with the group. The students were especially appreciative of his candor when he spoke about why he chose to attend the school. At the end of the tour, he reassured the  group that each of them would end up where they belonged, even if they did not yet know where they wanted to be.

Overall, the trip was left a lasting impact on the Service Learning participants. It was a great opportunity to learn about a prestigious school in a new environment. The students also had the chance to reflect on what they wanted and what they did not want in their future college. More importantly, the visit got the youth excited about the college admissions process!


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