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FPWA Supports CPC Education & Career Services with Program Grant

CPC Receives FPWA 2018 Program Grant

On April 17, 2018, CPC attended the 2018 FPWA Program Awards Breakfast. Accepting the $20,000 grant on behalf of CPC were Wayne Ho, President & CEO; Kim To, Chief Development Officer; and Brian Chen, Director of Education & Career Services. This grant will add a financial empowerment curriculum to our Workforce Development programs. 

Launched in 1975, the Workforce Development Program has served predominantly limited English proficient, immigrant women between the ages of 18-40 without college degrees. While the program has been successful at increasing the average hourly wages and securing placements at better jobs for participants, we have received feedback that they need assistance with managing their financial resources as well as understanding the financial implications of moving off public assistance and transitioning back into the workforce. In response to this need identified by the participants, CPC will develop, implement, and evaluate a financial empowerment curriculum with our Workforce Development Program. With FPWA’s support, CPC will be able to provide financial empowerment to each of our Workforce Development participants, reducing poverty among our community members and improving upward mobility for themselves and their families.

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