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CPC Receives Grant from MacKenzie Scott



Date: 11/15/2022

Press Contacts: Wayne Ho, President & CEO (who@cpc-nyc.org)/Alice Du, Director of Communications (adu@cpc-nyc.org)


The grant will support our commitment to invest in our staff, community, and organization.


New York, NY The Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) is excited to announce that it has received a grant from MacKenzie Scott. This one-time grant will be used to support the organization’s ongoing efforts to promote staff development, expand essential programming, and strengthen organizational infrastructure.

“We are grateful to Ms. Scott for her generous donation and her recognition of our commitment to providing high-quality services to community members of all ages and backgrounds. This grant will be instrumental in achieving our mission by helping us to reach more New Yorkers through expanded programs and motivating them to become agents of change in their lives and communities. It will also provide us with the opportunity to invest more resources to enhance staff benefits and organizational infrastructure,” said Flora Si, Board Chair of CPC.

“During the pandemic, we provided over $4 million in bonuses to our human services, direct care, and home care workers. This grant will allow us to build upon our commitment to our staff in a sustainable way,” said Wayne Ho, President and CEO of CPC. “Because government contracts limit staff compensation and do not cover the full cost of providing services, this grant will also supplement our advocacy efforts to ensure living wages for nonprofit workers. For years, we have been partnering with advocates, providers, and community members to fight for Just Pay for human services workers, Fair Pay for Home Care workers, and salary parity for early childhood staff.”

CPC is one of 343 organizations that has received funding from MacKenzie Scott this year. She funded community-based organizations that promote social justice, have strong leadership, make positive impacts in the community, and expanded services during the pandemic. Mackenzie Scott announced her latest round of grants here.

As the nation's largest Asian American social services organization, CPC offers more than 50 programs in 35 sites across New York City to over 200,000 individuals and families from all 56 community districts. CPC has significantly expanded services during the pandemic and addressed new challenges experienced by community members. Throughout the pandemic, CPC distributed nearly $7.5 million in cash assistance and child care scholarships to families as well as nearly 400,000 lbs. of food to community members. CPC also participated in over 300 legislative meetings, speaking engagements, and rallies to advocate for an equitable recovery and community safety for Asian American New Yorkers. Learn more about CPC’s work and impacts in our 2022 Annual Report and join us in serving our community by supporting us here.


華人策劃協會獲麥肯齊斯科特MacKenzie Scott)捐贈善款



紐約紐約 華人策劃協會簡稱華策會」)很高興地宣佈收到麥肯齊斯科特(MacKenzie Scott)的捐款。這筆一次性捐款將用於支援本協會持續促進員工發展、擴大基礎計畫項目和加強組織架構。


「我們非常感謝斯科特女士的慷慨捐贈,以及她對我們為所有年齡和背景的社區成員提供高質素服務承諾的認可。這筆捐款將有助於實現我們的使命,幫助我們通過擴大計畫接觸更多的紐約人,並鼓勵他們成為改變生活和社區的推動者。同時,我們亦能夠有機會投入更多的資源,以提高員工福利和加強組織架構。」華策會董事長Flora Si


「在疫情期間,我們向社區工作者、直接護理工作者和家庭護理工作者提供了400多萬美元的獎金。這筆捐款將使我們能夠在現有的基礎上以可持續的方式履行我們對員工的承諾。」華策會總裁兼首席執行官Wayne Ho。「由於政府合同限制了員工的薪酬,並且不包括服務的總成本,此捐款將能協助我們的倡導工作,以確保非營利工作者獲得基本的生活工資。我們多年來與倡導者、服務提供者和社區成員合作,為社區工作者的公正薪酬、家庭護理工作者的公平工資,以及幼兒服務工作者的平等工資待遇而奮鬥。」 






About the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC):

Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) is a social services organization that creates positive social change. Founded in 1965, CPC is the nation's largest Asian American social services organization and aims to promote the social and economic empowerment of Chinese American, immigrant, and low-income communities of New York City. CPC is the trusted partner to individuals and families striving to achieve goals in their education, family, community, and career. 


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