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CPC Brooklyn Seniors Visit the Adventure Aquarium


On December 22nd, 2018 CPC Brooklyn Senior Services and 100 community members enjoyed an early Christmas getaway, kicking off the holiday season with a field trip to the Adventure Aquarium located in Camden, New Jersey. The seniors enjoyed a leisurely walk around the aquarium, learning and observing the aquatic lives of many sea creatures. Our seniors thoroughly enjoyed the trip, having the opportunities to learn about and see many animals they have not seen. As service providers we are thrilled that our seniors had the opportunity to interact with their peers, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We are heartened by their spirit and their fun loving nature, as they tried to out-do each other in posing with different displays. In the spirit of the holidays, it is most important for all of us to appreciate all we have and spend time with our loved ones. As a program, CPC Brooklyn is certainly happy to be able to spend this time with our community members. After visiting the aquarium, seniors did a little last minute holiday shopping at Jersey Garden to get into the holiday spirit.