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Multi-Social Services

Multi-social services at CPC encompass a suite of programs and services which may be accessed through our Community Centers. Community members seeking services, who are predominantly newcomers, families, and seniors, may use walk-in hours to make an appointment at the Center.

Please see more in our Multi-Social Service brochure here and/or on our Community Centers here.

Assistance provided to community members includes the following:

  •       Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  •       Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
  •       Housing Assistance
  •       Medicaid and Medicare Part D
  •       Naturalization Assistance
  •       Immigration Legal Consultation
  •       Other government entitlement applications

CPC is a NYS Dept. of Justice recognized agency with accredited representatives.

Our affiliate, CPC Home Attendant Program, also offers care for homebound individuals.



Multi-social services are funded by various city, state, and federal government contracts as well as the generosity of private corporate and foundations, and from individual contributions.