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Community at Broome

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For 55 years, the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) has provided vital services to the Lower East Side community.  We envision a future Lower East Side that is accessible to all, supportive of our most vulnerable populations, and is a model in affordable housing, catering to a diverse range of incomes and ensuring affordability for future generations.

To achieve this, we know CPC must expand its education, family support, and economic empowerment services that will complement CPC’s existing senior housing program. It is for this future that CPC has embarked on a long-term visioning and planning process to develop a new home and community center which will allow the organization to remain an anchor of the Lower East Side.

This planning process has culminated in a cohesive master plan utilizing an unused private parking lot to create an inclusive community within the Lower East Side. Following an extensive search, CPC is proud to work with Gotham, a 107-year-old organization with extensive experience developing within public-private partnerships that transform and consistently give back to communities in which it builds.

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